A sexual position where the man squats on his haunches, the woman lies on her back and puts her knees on his shoulders. The man then proceeds to fuck the woman like a Chihuahua fucking someone’s leg
I fucked her like a chihuahua - thanks for the defn. big fella, you know who you are ;)
by Johnny Thomas May 24, 2007
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Coca-Cola's attempt of copying the Badgers song.
Which is better? Badgers or Chihuahuas? There's only one way to find out ... FIGHT!
by Chris Ridsdill February 23, 2004
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A person that says something but doesn't follow up with it.

All bark no bite
You're be a chihuahua
by Cheetah2 November 16, 2016
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A term for a small gay male who acts dominant or aggressive in public, however, if the situation turns physical they tend to rely on their partner or husband to deescalate the situation or if single will run and pretend the situation never happened. A Chihuahua is also the type of gay male that will "bark" or "holler" at nearly anything in a public space because they seek the attention and approval of others or in general require everyone in the room to know they are there. If a Chihuahua has a partner they melt at the sound of their partners voice and has a tendency to do anything they're asked by their partner, They are an extremely emotional person.
Did you see Thomas at the drag show last night with his boyfriend? One of the performers was looking at his man and he acted like a total Chihuahua.
by Zombie Fetish Master January 16, 2018
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a little bitch dog that thinks it is the biggest, badest dog in the park. it usually is owned by a horrible owner that has a bad fashion taste.
my Chihuahua is the worst.
by John C. Hendrick June 15, 2018
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