v. "to chief"
to consume unadulterated cannabis/cannabis of an organic variety (much as a native american "chief" might do)

I'm a get my chief on while she suck my ding dong- e.g. chiefing.
by Landon Rone June 14, 2008
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The opposite of this ain't it chief. When you and yo homies know something is it you just know
Chief: pineapples on pizza is trifling
Not chief: hell yeah, this is it chief
by JadeLikeAGem September 19, 2018
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1) To relate or support one's statement.
"Man he was cock blockin hard as hell,on chief he was.
by Papa Burr October 1, 2007
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(v.) To smoke marijuana. Commonly used as slang for "getting high", "smoking up", etc.
Yo let's go chief after school today.
by Billy February 11, 2003
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To inhale an inconceivable amount of marijuana multiple times in a row, preferably out of a blunt or a joint.
Frank - “Yo my dude there’s too much dro left, I don’t know what to do.”
Henry – “Bro just Chief it!”
by Bilbo T. Baggings February 24, 2010
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