Incredibly messy handwriting that is nearly impossible to read. Usually the only person who can read it is the person that wrote it. Sometimes not even they can read it after a while. The writing looks like the footprints and/or scratches chickens leave in the dirt hence the name.
"Dude what the fuck did you write here?! I can't read this damn chicken scratch worth shit!"
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
Really bad hand writing that only the person who wrote it can read it. Most often it just looks like scribbles.
Bob I can't read your chicken scratch! What does this say??
by Sasha June 28, 2003
chicken scratch is lousy unreadable handwriting except to the person who wrote it but also a curse word to idiots who dont know what chicken scratch means or dont have an understanding of what chicken scratch means
student this handwriting is chicken scratch

teacher what did you say

student i said this handwriting is chicken scratch

teacher dont be cursing in my class
by littlejimmie January 29, 2019
Man, I can' read this prescription, the doc writes like chicken scratching
by Deb June 19, 2003
My writing.
1) Used as a description of poor writing when it resembles the marks left in sand by a gaggle of chickens.
2) the act of scratching a chicken..or using a chicken to scratch yourself
Damn, I can't read this chickenscratch, was he seizing when he wrote this?
by Doug Walmsley June 19, 2003
When your handwriting is unreadable by anybody but yourself.
Tom's teacher complained that only Tom could read his won chicken scratch.
by Rich June 20, 2003