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Dropped your grades again, you are such a tardling!
by Deb July 29, 2003
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Australian caloquialism for pillian riding on a bicycle. A double.
kid 1 "I'm riding to the shops"

kid 2 "give me a dink?"
by Deb June 11, 2004
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A volkswagon of any age size or color. Game played with children when driving for long distances. First person to see a punch bug yells "PUNCH BUG" and punches someone in the arm.
car: driving down the road
p1: sees a green vw beetle
p1: punches p2 and yells "PUNCH BUG!"
p2: OW!
by Deb April 8, 2004
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no way thats bad, an expression of disbelief
so then she got run over, then you would say, nah thats "fuckrie"
by Deb July 1, 2003
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Verb-Orgin:Conspire and Despair. To darkly conspire agianst some one or something.
Shadow and Buffster are conspairing against me.
by Deb March 10, 2004
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