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The tastiest way to have a heart attack.
A chicken bake, found in the vast majority of Costco food courts, is basically a sort of baguette stuffed with chicken, bacon bits, and a kind of mayonnaise-y sauce. It is topped with cheese and baked.

With more than 50 grams of fat (80% DV), 1961 mg sodium (82% DV), and 1007 calories, Costco's chicken bake is a delicious death sentence.
by ILoveCostco November 27, 2011
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A baguette-shaped "burrito" rolled with pizza dough consisting of chicken, mozzarella, bacon bits, caeser dressing, and parmesan cheese on top. It used to have green onion, but never returned after the recall a few years back. Usually requested by hispanics and young men trying to bulk up.

The chicken bake is an item from the Costco pizza kitchen. Also referred to as a "bake" or a chicken bacon.
"Hi. what can I get for you?"
"A chicken bake with a side of dressing."


"We need more bakes up front."
by nofriends420 May 08, 2009
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Used to describe those who are unable to quickly make a decision when faced with many options, such as with a lunch menu. Wavering and vascillating, "chicken bakes" often hold tightly to one menu item for the rest of their lives, valuing the security of knowing what they are getting. With a history marked with regrets over past dining decisions, a "chicken bake" craves the security of a risk-free mealtime.
"What would you like, sir?"
"Chicken bake."

by Skattabrak October 03, 2007
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