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A baguette-shaped "burrito" rolled with pizza dough consisting of chicken, mozzarella, bacon bits, caeser dressing, and parmesan cheese on top. It used to have green onion, but never returned after the recall a few years back. Usually requested by hispanics and young men trying to bulk up.

The chicken bake is an item from the Costco pizza kitchen. Also referred to as a "bake" or a chicken bacon.
"Hi. what can I get for you?"
"A chicken bake with a side of dressing."


"We need more bakes up front."
by nofriends420 May 8, 2009
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when you approaches a soft serve yogurt machine and have to wait for the guy who jumped in front of you to make his first, or wait even longer for the machine to re freeze the yogurt because the guy that beat you to it made 6 and it got soft
example 1:

i need a vanilla yogurt
sorry i gotta make 10 swirls first..
ohhh you just got "soft blocked"

example 2:

i just got "soft blocked" jose heard i needed a yogurt so he ran to make his first.
by nofriends420 January 5, 2010
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