Also known as a security guard or 2.5 Not quite full pork just bacon bits
Is that a cop. Nope just the bacon bits (mall security)
by TheCRACKERman September 20, 2005
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Not good enough to be a real cop (commonly called bacon, so they just settled for being bacon bits. They are commonly seen at malls. They carry a beater stick but no guns or anything a real policeman has.

Also called beggin strips, crooks dont know it's not real bacon (taken from beggin strip dog treat commercial)
Watch out...its the cops

Cops...? Nah...thats just bacon bits. They cant do shit
by Sokerguy November 14, 2005
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Bits of poop that cling to your butt hair due to having a poo poo bum.
by Bunn4r August 26, 2007
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"backon bit": a basically a cop that doesnt have a fucking clue what hes job is or was ever about for example.......
ohk my friend nick yells out "bacon bits"
just as a cop drove by.
the cop slammed on the brakes.
he got out of his car and
asked "what did you say?"
nick "bacon bits" that cop was mad
by brian rainey October 28, 2006
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a word fourth graders like to use instead of ‘bitch
You’re such a bacon bit, Tracy!’
by anonymous pickleperson February 18, 2021
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A rent-a-cop; not good/important enough to be referred to as a "pig" or bacon, they're given the diminutive nickname of "bacon bit".
I thought we'd be in trouble when the 5-0 started rollin' up, but then I just realized it was the bacon bits they use for mall security.
by Ovary July 24, 2002
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Little ground up pieces of fake bacon. They taste pretty good but leave a bad after-taste.
I don't like salad, but i could sure go for some of those Bacon Bits on my pizza.
by tim January 16, 2004
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