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It's a term used to describe a sexual position where the man is on top with one of the woman's legs pushed up into the air or all the way up beside her head if she's limber enough. The alternative is the double hucklebuck which is self explanatory.
Man, last night I put Kathy in the half hucklebuck and she came like a wildcat.
by griffcopter July 13, 2011
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A sexual position in which the woman is on the bottom and resembles a baked chicken on it's back. Her legs are supported by the man's arms, at the elbows. This position is also know as the wheelbarrow, double hucklebuck, the BC, the Boston College, and the Doug Flutie
Last night I put Latisha in the Baked Chicken and she came like a wild donkey on meth.
by griffcopter July 18, 2011
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