Although this obviously has other definitions, it's used in Hawai'ian pidgin to mean "goose bumps."
Dat Exorcist movie give me da kine chicken skin!
by Prof. R. June 8, 2005
(n.)syn. Goose Bumps

ones skin resembles that of a plucked chicken, can be caused by drops in temperature or emotional excitement
Where's that cold draft coming from, it's givin' me chicken skin!
by The Amazing Paul December 1, 2004
The labial skin surrounding the pussy that, when hairless, resembles the skin of a plucked chicken. The hairless edge of the labia majora.
Mary was salivating over the prospect of running her tongue over Laura's savory chicken skin.
by In Flagrante October 12, 2010
Someone who has tanned to the extrme where their skin looks like a piece of fried chicken
her skin looks more and more like chicken skin.
by Andrew- August 22, 2006
chicken skin's a slang term for foreskin, fags use the term to describe a guy with an uncut dick.
"Jorge's got a fattie cock... chicken skin too"
by capnCrouton April 29, 2004
When a man walks around with his fly unzipped and one of his balls hangs out.
Check out that dude, he must really be tanked...he's chicken skinning!
by OhioPUA February 26, 2007