15 definitions by Suisare crasher

A satellite dish from DirecTV, Echostar, and similar providers. So called because it is about the size of an average pizza pan.
The pizza pan was filling up with snow, so I missed the big game.
by Suisare crasher June 23, 2004
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A restaurant where you could get anything you want. Also, a song to be sung when getting drafted. The recruiters will think the draftee is crazy and reject them.
Come right in, it's around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track. You could get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant!
by Suisare crasher July 31, 2004
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A banana with a fork stuck in each end, connected to 120 volts A.C. Peels itself when electrified.
Electrical bananas are for people too lazy to peel their own bananas. Don't forget to unplug it before you eat it!
by Suisare crasher March 30, 2004
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A booger, left by kids under tables, on walls, etc.
The kids keep leaving little cherub chewables under the table.
by Suisare crasher July 30, 2004
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