Hip-lingo or a cover-up toward parents.
"What did you do at the party; anything sexual?"
"No way, mother, we just played chess a little and took speed."
by Awesomeness. March 07, 2005
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Slang for yes.
His mum asked if he wanted the Italian bmt.He said "oh chess!"
by AshTray1 May 01, 2017
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Chess is a very handsome , funny, and athletic guy. He is the person you want to hang out with. he's usually smart. They attract the most beautiful girls, Chess usually has a big penis too. Chess is a great friend and is very positive too.
Chess is a great friend to have , and also is funny.
by goggleface October 15, 2015
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A boy who is perverted, sweet, nice, and rambunctious at most times. He will tease you and joke with you but hokd you and calm you down when needed. He makes lots of sexual jokes and is someone who is easy to get along with as long as you can handle a few penis and sex jokes here and there. He will never fulky say it when he meets you but he's also very cuddly. He's also attractive and gorgeous and all those other nice words.
"That guy is so weird and sexual.."
"He's really attractive too."
"I bet he's a Chess"
by rainerainrae May 28, 2014
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An extremely amazing musical. Once you hear the songs you become addicted and theres no turning back. Josh Groban sang for it during the Chess Benefit concert.
Oh My God! Have you heard the music from Chess? It is devine
by musiclover121 October 22, 2008
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A shortened version of the name Francesca. For those who don't like being called: Fran, Fanny, Frank, Frenchie, Frannie, Franny-panny etc.
A: Oh that over there is Chess.
Jessica: Huh? Chez?
A: No, it's Chess, short for Francesca?
Jessica:Thats well weird, it's not like i call myself, 'Sic', how pretentious.
A: Nah, it's well cool.
by Chesster12 February 07, 2010
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A substitute for 'yes' when you have just succeeded in something - a sneeky celebration. Generally drag out the 'ess' part.
- pocket a difficult ball in pool -

"fuckin chess!!"
by ratchael February 04, 2010
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