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A religion of peace which teaches that it is proper to eliminate people who question its peacefulness.
Allahu Akbar, Islam is going to take over what's left of the world.
by rocketman77049 December 02, 2009
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A game where the objective is to violently throw your pieces to the floor upon losing.
Chess is being ruined by computer play.
by rocketman77049 December 06, 2009
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The tolerance on parts of products requiring assembly that are made in China. No matter how precisely aligned, the screw, or nuts, or washers, or bolts slip right through their assigned slots. Also known as Chigger rigged.
That's the fifth time I've had to line that bolt up. Must be within Chinese tolerance.
by rocketman77049 March 14, 2010
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When you accidentally click on a link after swiping your screen. It usually turns out to be an ad for a product, service or news story that you have no interest in.
Dammit!! Third time I've been swipe clicked to ElectJeb.com....(facepalms)
by rocketman77049 January 13, 2016
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a person who hold ridiculous beliefs up to ridicule.
Christopher Hitchens is a notorious atheist.
by rocketman77049 December 03, 2009
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