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These are ignorant dotards that take things out of the bible that fit their moronic agenda. They are hypocritical, idiotic bastards that don't know what keeps the sun shining.
Those cherry pickers only memorized the incest parts of the bible.
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by Master of The Factory August 07, 2018
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In sports, someone who prefers to take only easy shots. Mildly disparaging.
A common example comes from basketball, in which a "cherry picker" is a person who favors short shots, but especially a person who sits in the back court by the basket waiting for an outlet pass on a change of possession, enabling them to score easily before any defenders can reach them.
The origins of this term may come from the notion of "cherry picking" as attempting, or picking, only those things that are easily obtained, or only what suits your taste best, as a cherry might.
That punk can't ball for nothin'. He just sits back and cherry picks all day.
by osofuchi March 17, 2005
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A person who attempts to seduce young women or virgins.
Gary's going out with a 16yr old, he's always been a bit of a cherry picker
by Angus Prune April 17, 2003
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1) Person who choses easy tasks over challenging ones.

2) Man who seduces young virgins.
1) "You chose to update the booklets rather than take on the big Hong Kong project? You are such a cherry picker!"

2) "You're dating another Freshman English major? You are such a cherry picker!"
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
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Among the other potential definitions for this, a Cherry Picker is also slang to auto mechanics who are actually reffering to an Engine Hoist.

So when they say that they need a cherry picker, they mean they need an Engine Hoist. These hoists lift out the engines and transmissions (and transaxles) from cars and trucks.
"Hey, Jerry...Get that cherry picker over here, we have this motor ready to lift out of that black Impala!"

"Ok, let me wheel that sucker over there. Hold on."
by Jesse Giswold April 11, 2006
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Someone at work who saves all the good or easy jobs for himself and his buddies. Also applies to an athlete who only plays when he feels like it or when he can come in and take all the glory for himself.
Damn Jeff is such a cherry picker. He took the easy job and dumped all the grunt work off on us.
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
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A person who scores the goal after all the hard work has been done by others.

It is not necessarily a bad thing to be a cherry picker, as often, the person who does do the hard work is unable to finish the job himself.
Person 1: Sigh, stupid number 11 is such a cherry picker.
Person 2: Yes, but you can expect, number 23 to get the ball past 3 defenders and the goalie...
by kaldoscope July 24, 2010
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