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In sports, someone who prefers to take only easy shots. Mildly disparaging.
A common example comes from basketball, in which a "cherry picker" is a person who favors short shots, but especially a person who sits in the back court by the basket waiting for an outlet pass on a change of possession, enabling them to score easily before any defenders can reach them.
The origins of this term may come from the notion of "cherry picking" as attempting, or picking, only those things that are easily obtained, or only what suits your taste best, as a cherry might.
That punk can't ball for nothin'. He just sits back and cherry picks all day.
by osofuchi March 17, 2005

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A sailor. Disparaging.

This term, frequently used by non-sailors to refer to sailors, is most likely a contraction of the term "swabbie" or "swabby", presumably derived from the notion of sailors "swabbing the deck". "Swabbie/y" is currently in use only among the elderly; "swab" is the more common term among young people.

Typically applied to sailors of the U.S. Navy.
When the ships come in, all the swabs come down to the bars to get drunk.
by osofuchi August 15, 2005

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An individual who is addicted to attractive women, also known as babes. Derived by analogy with "alcoholic", "workaholic", "chocoholic", "shopaholic", etc.
Aaron: Bro, I've got a serious problem.
Bro: What?
Aaron: I'm a babeaholic.
Bro: Oh, so you're all done with cock now?
by osofuchi March 07, 2012

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transitive verb
In basketball, to easily beat an opponent, typically by way of vastly superior skill.
Possibly derives from "show up" in the sense of embarrassing others via a display of superior ability.
Throw me the rock, dog, I'm 'onna ball this cat up right now.

Boy, LeBron would ball you up like nothin'.
by osofuchi March 17, 2005

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