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Fredagsmys is pretty much the most holy tradition of Sweden. The word origins from two words; β€œfredag” and β€œmys”, which roughly translates to Friday and cozy. Every Friday, all Swedes drive by the supermarket to buy ingredients for taco, soda and chips. Then, they all sit down in their sofas with their families or friends and watch telly. Usually, the parents fall asleep after a few glasses of wine or beer while the kids stuff themselves with chips until they have a stomach ache.
Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
by popsicle power June 19, 2011
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Damn, Harry! Didja just let off a cheezer? What a stiiiiiiink! Light a match! Give it the methane test! See if a blue flame shoots out!
by pentozali December 22, 2007
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A word used to describe a large toenail. Widely used in countries such as Australia and England. A cheezer usually is flaky, a strange shade of yellow and has dirt and mud underneath it. When picked they usually rip off half the nail, putting the picker through excruciating pain and leaving the toe red and bleeding.
I picked an absolute cheezer yesterday!
by 'relateable'garbage:) February 16, 2019
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