An extremely stinky fart; intestinal chemical warfare.
Damn, Harry! Didja just let off a cheezer? What a stiiiiiiink! Light a match! Give it the methane test! See if a blue flame shoots out!
by pentozali December 22, 2007
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A savage gang of old folks armed with canes completely naked and covered in different forms of cheese. They harass the local gangs and start riots. Known for their slow speed and extreme stench, they sometimes molest and cheezerise their victims, forcing the poor soul to become a member of the cheezers.
Nigga 1: "Yo nigga, watch yo dick, them cheezers been seen lurkin theez streetz, you feel me?"

Nigga 2: "yeah homie Gee skrizzle, I feel you! I Am a cheezer nigga!"

*nigga 2 violently molests and cheezerizes nigga 1, turning him into a member.*
by ChaddehBoii August 13, 2018
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