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To have smelled a stinky dick.
Danielle: "Yo, I totally cheesed that guy last night"
Dhanya: "Really? I've never cheesed it. What did you do?"
Danielle: "Well, I told him his balls smelled really bad and he ended up cheesing himself to see if it was true."
by Paigedhanya January 05, 2008
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Cheesed it : to Ralph or throw up, vomit. To screw up by puking. Cheesed. To shift the good vibes of a 'party' by spontaneously throwing up.
Marcos: "Yo, we were having a good time getting wasted...then she cheesed it all over the floor."
Greg: "Damn foo, who cleaned it up."
Marcos: "Me!"
Greg: "Freakin buzz kill."
by DreHavoc79 August 19, 2018
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