Verb. To smile real big, like the Cheshire Cat. Probably from photography" "Say cheese!"

Look at him over there! Got his little award and just cheesing!
by Besito April 30, 2009
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To become high by way of snorting or sniffing cat piss. Cheesing can cause a psychedelic trip where the person cheesing visits a fantasyland where they get to fornicate with the boob princess. Trey Parker and Matt Stone discovered the miracle effects of cheesing.

To describe one who is high on cat urine.

Cheesing was the topic of episode 3 from season 12 of South Park titled "Major Boobage"
-Get the fuck out Kenny! Stop cheesing with Kitty-Kitty!
-I am cheesed out of my mind
-I will grab my pussy then we can go get cheesed.
by A Cheese Head March 27, 2008
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Huffing Cat Urine. It is called Cheesing because it is Fon to Due.

It causes a euphoric state where the user hallucinates. Such hallucinations include, but are not limited to, flying through space, driving rocket cars, meeting women with rokin' tits, flying on squirrel dragons, saving said big breasted woman etc. Usually 80s heavy metal power rock is playing in the background.
You also get to fight in the Breasturary, and swim in the fountains of Varnuf with the Itty-titty fairies of Mammary Mountain, as well as fight the boob-goblin in the Gozonga Cave.

20% of students between the ages of 6 - 12 have said they have tried it at least once.

Other slang terms for cheesing:
The Cheese Game
Vitamin Cheese
Mary Jane Piss in yo face fun time.

How to tell if your child is Cheesing:
1.) Your child seems distant, preoccupied.
2.) Your child's face smells like cat urine.
3.) When you see tigers at the zoo, your child starts grinding his or her teeth.
"Dude, I'm cheesing my F-ing brains out right now"
"He's cheesing his F-ing balls off, dude."
by Double07nr March 27, 2008
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adj. Used to describe a person with an uncontrolable grin usually caused by a mischievious act of their own doing or as a result of drug use.
If you aren't stoned, why are you cheesing?
by poo eater May 4, 2003
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A word that went from 2 definitions to 37 definitions on UD in just one day. Thanks to Trey and Matt.
South park aired an episode where Kenny got high off of cat pee and they called it cheesing. Now every South Park/Urban Dictionary freak like me has to add his/her/it's definition.
by Jerry Lambert March 28, 2008
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(verb): doing something cheesy, playing unfairly- against someone (does not apply to obtaining special cheat codes for 1 player computer games).
by Sexydimma June 19, 2013
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When you go on an extensive diet of just cheese. These cheeses can range from any cheese except for cheese flavoured products and or products containing cheese like cheesecake. It is also recommended to watch cheese-related shows/movies such as Wallace and Gromit, this will help your mental state.
"Hey Frank how has cheesing been?." "Thanks! Cheesing has been real good"
by iT3A August 22, 2023
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