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1.means wealth in india.
2.the sweetest girl you will ever meet.
3.always smiling and is never angry at anyone.
4.great lips and an amazing kisser.
5.big boobs and a great size ass.
6.lauging all the time and an amazing person to be around.
dude he said her kiss was like no f-ing other and i knew it was a dhanya

her booty was fusho a dhanya
by Austin & William November 13, 2008
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This name can be given to girls as well as to boys.
A guy with this name have a habit of too much eating.
A handsome guy with many friends. Usually friendzoned by other girls.
People with this name have a killer smile.
That guy eats a lot, that must be Dhanya.
He has many friends, he is such a dhanya.
by Uchiha.joker January 26, 2019
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