To have smelled a stinky dick.
Danielle: "Yo, I totally cheesed that guy last night"
Dhanya: "Really? I've never cheesed it. What did you do?"
Danielle: "Well, I told him his balls smelled really bad and he ended up cheesing himself to see if it was true."
by Paigedhanya January 6, 2008
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Officially started in Nicholas Senn High School by the lunch lady when she was found spitting on the cheese pizza. Then later and till this day the word is use to show joy, love and acceptance. Originated in 2008 by a boy name Parvez G. and the word gained its fame through Zeeshan M.
Person 1: HAHAHA! That shi DEAD!
Person 2: Cheese-Cheese


Person1: Hey! I love you!
Person2: Cheese-Cheese
by Founder of CHEESE-CHESSE September 23, 2010
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A Swiss way of saying it’s perfect or funny. Normally shouted very loud in a busy environment.
„I finished writing my essay“ „That’s Cheese bro! We have to go now!“
by Flowerscumfuck December 9, 2020
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1. To run away.
2. To flee.
3. To scramble as if you just robbed a bank.
by Slurm Addict April 4, 2003
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A term coined by RTS gamers when a player uses non ordinary measures, often considered cheap tactics, to win the game early.
He canon rushed me on Xel Naga. What a cheese move.
by kukuboi April 30, 2011
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VERB. To run away quickly; to flee; to get away from.
"We're in big trouble if they catch us here. We gotta cheese it."

"This party is lame. I want to cheese it."

"The person watching Equus on Broadway grabbed Daniel Radcliffe's pants and then cheesed it."
by Dictionary, Webster's April 11, 2008
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