They're women's underwear cut to show off your "cheeks".
*girl bends over*
Dude: dang check out those cheekies!
Dude2: dammit! *gorilla walks to restroom*
by SomeDude357 April 09, 2010
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This is a prefix, that is added onto anything that you are doing/having, without permission, when at work, or in some type of lesson, where rules are to be followed.
1) (when working outdoors) Scott, go and make us a cheeky-bru whilst the boss is havvin a shit!!!
2) Rite, i'l go and roll us a cheeky-joint in the toilet.
3) I had a cheeky-spliff at work, itz always better when ur not supposed 2 be doin it!!!
by Adz H January 10, 2006
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Another term for quick or sly.
"Do you fancy a cheeky drink down the pub while the missus is busy."
by Helm Cheese July 25, 2003
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Last few draws of a joint, said because its a cheek to give the person so little.
First person: "Want a draw of this mate, its cheekys though.
Second person: "you cheeky bastard!"

"Want cheekys on this mate"
by Cam & Coyle September 06, 2008
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What British people call you if you tend to say stupid stuff, you also must joke around a lot or prank people to be called Cheeky.
"I swear you are so cheeky."
"Not the first time I heard that."
by Walking Away December 23, 2015
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Someone who has no shame in doing something shameful or low class.
That cheeky hoe just walks right up and starts sucking his dick under the fukin table at the restaurant and the bitch didn't even know the nigga.
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Used when you want to describe something as Ass, Buns, or Cheeks but as an adverb instead. And, unlike the previous words, it can actually be said before the subject of the sentence and not just after it.
-I've been having a cheeky day so far.

-The Raiders played cheeky today!
by TheBx41 October 07, 2012
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