what skanky teenagers(of either gender)do because they are horny, probably drunk, and think they are in love. When it is done between 2 mature people of acceptible age it is known as sex
Mike and Tiffany got drunk and were romping all night.
by jenny May 01, 2004
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v. In the South West U.S., racing 4WD vehicles over rough, rocky terrain. Also called dune racing, or in California, womping
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
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high school students who drive in their cars at 11 pm at night and throw water baloons at random people and cars and do this for hours until someone calls the cops
Hey Steve, wanna go romping saturday night?

sure. ill go buy the balloons and we can fill them up and fuck people up. fuck the police
by Gertjaars420 May 21, 2010
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When two men wander into a cemetary and dig up a women's dead body. One of them puts there face right next to her vagina while the other jumps on the girls stomach to see what bodily fluids pour out onto the others face.
Mike: Hey steve I'm feeling really kinky right now. Want to go romping? I was looking in the obituaries and I saw this really hot girl that just died.
Steve: Hell yeah I'll go...I got dibs on my face in her vagina first.
Mike: Fine but next time I get that spot.
by J-Mully September 10, 2009
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