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nickname for a small baby or child, (male or female) with extremely cute, large cheeks.
1. "Look at those Cheeker Cheeks."

2. "What a cute little Cheeker."
by Brooke Lorraine October 23, 2006
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A cheekers is a magestic creature that lives near the ocean of southern californa, located on the west coast of North America. The name cheekers comes from a very petite organism with large cheeks and buttox, This is where the name cheekers comes from. Cheekers only eats plant based food but becomes very aggressive when hungry. All though cheekers eat regular sized meals they survive by snacking. Cheekers are only bound to one mating partner for life. They mate with puppers. Cheekers can go months with out water, cheekers mostly survives off of probiotic Kombuchas. If you see a wild cheekers it is good to keep your distance for cheekers smile is contageous. Other precautions are to not bother the cheeks why it gets ready, cheekers need lots of baths and love but these can only be provided by one pupper.
The cheekers eat her morning carrots as she brushed her hair after 2 hours of getting ready.
by Trent1 August 23, 2017
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A bad or cringe worthy circumstance or situation
1: Bro, I got pulled over yesterday.
2: Dude, that's so cheekers.

"Ugh, this class is cheekers, nobody knows what they're doing"

"Today's been cheekers, nothing's going right."

1: *Does something embarrassing*
2: "Man, you're so cheekers"
by TheRogueWombat March 18, 2019
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When you slowly tilt your body sideways, allowing a fart to escape your bum noiselessly while sitting on a chair.
Called the cheeker do the the uprising of your butt cheeks from the chair and into the air as you fart.
boy: Dude, I could tell that she was about to pull a cheeker when her body started to tilt sideways on her chair. I ran for it-girl farts stank!
by thamuzackfuhreak November 26, 2009
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An amazing cat, who had been thought to have a bad back left leg, but who had a heart tumor. LICH! We will never forget you. You will always be part of the Spectacular Sixes and the Cheekers Fan Club! MMRF loves you very much. She will try to win for you in Jeopardy, but she will have to beat me. Love you forever.
M: Who is the best cat in the world?
G: *pretends to think and says* Garfield?
M: Guess again G.
G: *takes answer seriously* It's Cheekers M.
M: I know he is amazing.
by chuckie taylors September 26, 2018
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