a person who does not seal fight goes to work and dosent do criminial activity
Dakota black is magestic becase he has alot of friends and lives in a nice house
by conker the squirrel February 04, 2017
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An adjective to describe something that is magical and majestic at the same time.
That acrobat flying through the air looks so magestical.
The way she dived into the pool was magestical beyond belief. magical majestic
by Soweng May 12, 2015
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to be so majestic that one can be compared to a unicorn stuck in an Indian's body.
"I'm pretty sure that Indian guy Sid is magestical. I don't think he can ever die, 'cause I'm pretty sure he's actually a unicorn."
by Thor, the Mighty June 17, 2013
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Where you take someones pillow, pull down your underwear, and fart on the pillowcase. Giving extra care to ensure the fabric of the case touches the skin of your asshole.
My husband was being such a douchebag, I did a magestic marmot on his pillowcase and he got pinkeye.
by offdhook September 14, 2011
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“Did you just see that person do basketball?” “Yeah that’s Georgia and she’s magestic.”
by Lovethatformelol March 29, 2019
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