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When a girl is performing head on a guy while chewing tobacco.
Johnnny: dude I just got head from that girl over there. Mike: dude that's gross she has a dip in, you just got chead man.
by knightman November 05, 2009
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1: People who knowingly disregards their own morals and other peoples hard work, honesty, and feelings to better themselves so they can brag to their peers about their "accomplishments".

2: A person who purchases 18 beverages and sips out of two of them in a 9 day span. Then throws them away, only to request them back from the people who rescued and wanted to drink and enjoy them, only to then disregard them for no reason...again.

3: A person who sends pictures of their own junk to his gf back home when he is over 1,500 miles away on a mancation.

4: A person who spends 12-15 hours on the phone baby talking a gf back home.
Avery: Hey Kenny did you here about Chistopher?

Kenny: Yea! I heard he tore up that qualifying...exam.

Avery: Well I heard that he's a total CHEADS.

Kenny: Wow. Definitely going to lose a lazy kitty for that.
by ForehandRoller November 03, 2009
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being a total douche and a faggot to get things to go your way, while screwing some deserving bitches in the process
Jimmy: Hell Yeah niggas! I won!

Johnny: What a cheads, Danny got screwed up his sweet ace.
by ecostarboss October 29, 2009
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A person who has a head that cannot be distinguished from their chin, thus forming a chead. The fat of the chead has a convex shape, starting from under the tip of the chin to the bottom of the neck like a turkey's. It's likely the chead was invented by the same person who created the cankle, a combination of the calf and the ankle. A person with a chead most likely used to be healthy with a clear distinction between their chin and their head but has gained lots of weight due to many years of eating cheeseburgers, pizza, cheese sticks and cokes; thus forming the chead.
Oh my God, that guy devouring those tacos has a huge chead.
by liebenstein June 07, 2013
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Achieving a goal through immoral means, and causisng another moral person to fail because of the unscrupulous act. Can also be used as Cheader or Cheaded.
Adam: How the hell did Tucker beat Jake?

John: I heard Tucker occasionally cheads, so i think he got screwed out of the win.

Adam: I knew Tucker was a fucking cheader.
by CE Buzzz October 30, 2009
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Senior citizen, esp. with white permed hair; Cottonhead q.v. (abbreviation).
Did you get a load of that cadillac full of c-heads. So freakin tight.
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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