Gypsy's use this word to refer to childeren.
"Get your little chavvy's out of the road"
by thomgael August 9, 2003
Refers to a mate of the 'pikey' or 'Traveller' family ,i.e 'Oight chavvy!, pass da reefer bouy!'
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
A short form of this word is chav. Common in southern England.
You chav!
by Ian Chode September 2, 2003
Greenock (west Scotland) equivalant of "radge".
a wee baw bag cunt with his trackies tucked into luminous footie socks.
by mike November 28, 2003
Heard in the early word for a child.
Most Travelers could not spell,so is is unlikely to be found in any letters or whatever
by sirim June 10, 2007
Romany word meaning children.

Romany also use it as a synonym for friend.
Alright there my chavvy?
by RomanyMush January 7, 2018