Gaelic Name = Grianaig. Pronounced Greenock NOT grenock. Town located on the lower banks of the river Clyde in Western Scotland.Home to The Heaviest RainFall In Western Civilisation(Probably). Former Shipbuilding Giant,Much To the annoyance Of that quaint little fishing village upstream called GlasgowWho Had To deepen The River And Build a New Town Beside It Called Port Glasgow,Just To Compete see Port Bird. Suffered Badly under Margaret ThatcherWhen The town lost much of its heavy industries including the oldest shipyard in the world Scotts. Probably THE most famous Unknown town outside of Scotland.
English Person,'and where in Scotland are you from?' GreenockGuy, 'GREENOCK' EnglishPerson,'??????,is it near glasgow?. Greenock Guy, 'FUCK OFF'
by Aye Yer Maw February 8, 2006
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A honking city in Scotland that never has good weather. Even when it's sunny... it's raining.

The wee guy that works in Store Sales
So, how was the weather on holiday?" "Och, pure Greenock mate!
by l1983r May 18, 2011
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Shithole with more drugs in it than Pablo Escobar could dream of having
Mate, ye want tae go tae Greenock, the cocaine supply is low again and it's the cheapest place in scotland for it.
by h cult official September 17, 2020
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