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a insult calling some one a ball bag
as in scrotem.used in glasgow
barry your a pure baw bag man!
by finbad March 26, 2003
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Glasgow, Scotland origin, derogitary name given to one who is annoying, useless or just plain stupid. To compare one with such an ugly part of the male anatomy should be insult enough...
"Look you fuckin' bawbag, you are about as useful as a tit with no nipple."
by Jamie August 12, 2003
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Scots, literally "ball bag": scrotum (derogatory)
The guy who put the original definition for bawbag appears to be a bit of a bawbag!
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
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scottish definition of scrotum. can be used as an insult refering to someone's stupidity
That was fuckin stupid ya bawbag

Morrell got kicked in the bawbag
by Hobo Dave November 30, 2006
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A term commonly used by scottish people refering to a males scrotum.
Can be used as insult as well.

For example:

"I've goat this itch oan ma bawbag"

"Here...your a fuckin' bawbag"
by Gavaconoross January 09, 2007
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The Scrotum. Glaswegian Slang. Derogatory phrase.
"You're a fuckin' bawbag"; "You're a waste of a bawbag"(directed at useless male counterpart)
by zippy8015 October 27, 2005
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