A person of any sexuality who is attracted to another person who is overweight. Similar to chunky monkey.
Tom is a chubby chaser, he only really wants heavy women. Andy, also a chubby chaser, is only into overweight guys. His sister shares these desires, so they love to go checking out guys together.
by the other theo June 28, 2004
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an individual who prefers a mate with a lil more cushion for the pushin'
"Daaaammmmn did you see that fluffcake that just walked by? I want to get my hands all over that tummy."

"Lizzy, gurl, you are such a chubby chaser."
by hannahcock December 29, 2012
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individual who is attracted to overweight persons.
Mimo: You're a fucking chubby chaser dude!!
Nino: No I'm not! She's just got a li'l tummy is all.
by Plonzo March 16, 2008
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A person who is attracted to fat people only.
Johnny Sack on "The Sopranos" is an example of a chubby chaser.
by Kyle February 11, 2005
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someone who likes a fat partner
Harrison desarle is a chubby chaser, so he likes to go and look for his ideal partner.
by turtleslay3r May 10, 2015
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A guy who doesn't subscribe to the notion that women are only attractive if they look like mummified corpses.
What are you, some kind of chubby chaser?

If I can call you a necrophiliac, than yes.
by Alex Stockwell November 11, 2007
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a man or woman that has a true sweet spot for pursuing fat ass members of the opposite sex
dude 1, tommy smashed that chick from the bar, she had to be 220.

dude 2, yeah, hes a hoggin chubby chaser
by Captain997 December 4, 2007
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