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The verb of resistance against Turkish AKP Government.

Turkish Prime Minister calls anyone as Capulcu (looter,plunderer) who stand against his government or who simply critizes him.

In ancient times that behavior called as dictatoria.
If Obama stands against Turkish PM then he will call US president as a Capulcu or his actions as chapuling.

Mr.President and First Lady are making too much noise by hitting their pots every evening. Damn they are capulcu. what they are doing is definitely Chapuling
by nabucadnezzar June 06, 2013
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The source of the verb Chapuling is Turkish word "Çapulcu" (means looter, plunderer) which was used to describe Gezi Park protestors by Turkish PM Erdogan. Meanwhile in Occupy Gezi Park protests someone sprayed on a wall "Every day I'm Çapuling!" and the verb went viral.

After PM's speech protestors started to call themselves çapulcus and yeah they were chapuling,
Seeking for rights,
Seeking justice,
Everywhere was in tear gas smoke when we were chapuling.
by Sgt. Srcn June 05, 2013
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