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Chapulling is a newly-coined word derived from the 2013 protests in Turkey after Prime Minister Erdogan's speech. He used the word "çapulcu" (normally means "looter", "marauder") to describe the peaceful demonstrators and then the social sites adapted this word to English with a new meaning: fighting for one's rights.

A news channel's workers are chapulling.
Talking about the protesters, who are actually ordinary citizens of Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a speech: "We cannot just watch some marauders (looters) inciting our people. ... Yes, we will also build a mosque. I do not need permission for this from the head of the republican party (CHP) nor from a few marauders (looters).1"
In a turn of events, the protesters quite quickly decided to take over the term to describe themselves as "çapulcu" and completely changed the meaning. Within days, it seemed that what was once a term describing something negative became the opposite. All around the world, supporters for the Gezi Park events started taking photos of themselves showing "I'm chapulcu, as well" and posting it on social media addressed at the protesters in Turkey.
Soon, even mainstream media outside of Turkey started using the term, first slowly but growing by the hour.

source: wikipedia
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Everyday i'm chapulling.
by çapulcu June 05, 2013

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