The best most crazy day ever!!!! This day is really fun starts of good turns to great events after events gets wilder nd wilder and sometimes you cant even fall asleep
i had a really crazy day yesterday
by yeahyeahyeah,,, December 07, 2013
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On December 22, it is Crazy Hamburger Day, also the anniversary of when the video is released. If you want to celebrate Crazy Hamburger Day, you must make a Crazy Hamburger made by Joker himself with the following recipes:

-Horse meat.
-Red hot chili peppers.
-Grass of death.
-Oil from Iraq.
-Cheese from Sao Paulo in Brazil.
-Bread made in turkey.
Frederick: omgomgomg today iz crazy hamburger day!!11!111!! lets make crazy hamburger!1111
Smith: ok we need recipes!!!11!1!

**frederick looks at recipe website for crazy hamburger**
Frederick: ok ok we found recipes let make crazy hamburger!!!!1!!!!
by Officer_metro December 19, 2020
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