A problem or dilemma that, when compared to issues of poverty, national disasters and war, are not all that big of a deal, but nonetheless provide individuals with issues that must be dealt with.
Evelyn hit the Facebook friend limit of 5,000. A champagne problem for sure, but a problem nonetheless.
by sfcityboy June 5, 2011
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the 2nd track off of taylor swift’s 9th album, evermore.
champagne problems is one of the best tracks on evermore.
by goldrushhh December 17, 2020
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champagne problems is the second track on Taylor swift’s album evermore. It’s a song where longtime college sweethearts had very different plans for the same night, one to end it all and one who brought a ring. This song shows how the girl deals with mental issues which she describes as champagne problems and she sings about how she left her lover standing and turned him down when he proposed. She is sure that the boy will find the right girl someday and that girl will never leave him standing like she did, that girl will patch up his tapestry which she shred. She is sure that someday he’ll marry that girl and he won’t remember her and her champagne problems. Lyrics like: ,,This dorm was once a madhouse” I made a joke “well it’s made for me”

Show that she gave him hints about her mental illness and she joked about it in order to deal with it- to hide all her champagne problems.

When you’re listening to champagne problems you’ll feel it, you’ll feel the sadness, the pain and the lost love and lost hope . You’ll feel just like you experienced the same because Taylor swift ,my dear, is the best songwriter of our generation and makes me want to experience such a heartbreak too. Also the piano played by William Bowery (😉)makes you feel even more pain and makes you feel like that pain will last for evermore but it doesn’t, unless you listen to champagne problems on repeat- like me, I’m in pain but I love it.
Girl : I have champagne problems

Boy :you mean the song by Taylor swift?

Girl: no I mean I have champagne problems

Boy: so the song is really good isn’t it ?

Girl: ...yeah...it is
by Fairy21core January 10, 2021
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Gloria: "Jay bought this bicycle for me but I keep hitting my boobs with my knees"
Jay: "Champagne problems, eh?"
by Budr May 19, 2011
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A small problem that is not really much of a problem at all if you were sober except you are too lit to solve it at the moment.

See crunck and first world problems.
I kicked off my shoes when I was dancing and now I can’t find them, champagne problems.
by Ooooma March 6, 2018
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