Hey Stogie ,you wanna go down to the Voodoo Lounge and have a few beer's? it's 25 cent draft night. No thanks,I was there last week,it was a madhouse.
by stogie66 June 16, 2010
This is the 1337ness of all 1337ness!! if you know what this is.. omg! you are 1337ness it self.. 1337 eh?
by Gwilz0r April 2, 2003
The best server to play First Person Shooters on.


Only the best gamers swell on that server.
Hey man, you hear about the new #1 BF3 server in the world?

Nah, what about it?

Medick's Madhouse, IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! Sanity optional.
by Azuron November 26, 2011