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A complete and total loser, White male who thinks hes black and believes himself to be from the hard streets of the Floridian suburbs.
Lowest form of human life, see also e-thug
yA nugGaZ dUn KnoW! wItH mA tWin TurBo
by Entire gaming community March 14, 2005
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Puerto Rican pothead with a rx-7 twin turbo, who believes that he can freestyle when usually it ends up being really bad
"Ya niGuzZ duno how i rock da twin turbo smokin da hydrOo"
by ethug April 19, 2005
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Slang for god. Synonym for a person of great intelligence or accomplishment. A real "go getter". In other words he does not sit around on the internet all day looking at porn, unlike some people we all know and love.
That guy is a total cen
by Joe Briggs January 01, 2005
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CEN stands for ''Cyber Erotic Noseplay''. It's a kind of cyber (roleplay) sex peoples will nosaphilia will engage in.

See Nosaphilia on Wikipedia for more details about Nose Fetishism.
Person 1: Hey, that's a hot nose you got there.
Person 2: Heh, thanks
Person 1: Wanna have CEN?
by -Tiamat- July 27, 2007
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