Puerto Rican pothead with a rx-7 twin turbo, who believes that he can freestyle when usually it ends up being really bad
"Ya niGuzZ duno how i rock da twin turbo smokin da hydrOo"
by ethug April 19, 2005
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A complete and total loser, White male who thinks hes black and believes himself to be from the hard streets of the Floridian suburbs.
Lowest form of human life, see also e-thug
yA nugGaZ dUn KnoW! wItH mA tWin TurBo
by Entire gaming community March 15, 2005
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Slang for god. Synonym for a person of great intelligence or accomplishment. A real "go getter". In other words he does not sit around on the internet all day looking at porn, unlike some people we all know and love.
That guy is a total cen
by Joe Briggs January 2, 2005
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CEN stands for ''Cyber Erotic Noseplay''. It's a kind of cyber (roleplay) sex peoples will nosaphilia will engage in.

See Nosaphilia on Wikipedia for more details about Nose Fetishism.
Person 1: Hey, that's a hot nose you got there.
Person 2: Heh, thanks
Person 1: Wanna have CEN?
by -Tiamat- July 28, 2007
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A creature that plays Fortnite full time. Upon landing immediately says "I'm Dead". Be careful when he gets a p90, he's guaranteed to die when he decides to go Rambo with it. As soon as he picks up a burst he's guaranteed to average one kill per game. With those stats it makes the competition tremble in fear.
I picked up a p90 and went full tito cen and died.
by The Fury November 15, 2018
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Central California. Where you either drive a lifted or lowered truck. Within a square mile you are related to atleast one person in one way, shape, or form. Either way its where the best of the best reside (at times) and usually move away from once they experience Southern or Northern California.
"Who's that bad ass mother fucker over there?" "Oh that's Shawn, he's from Cen Cal."
by 40 Hands August 30, 2006
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Short for the "Renassaince Center", this is one of the tallest buildings in Detroit and home to the General Motors headquarters.
I was going for my interview in the Ren Cen.
by Denis Baldwin June 3, 2004
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