used to make small engines VERY FAST...mazda rx-7 has a 1.3 liter engine with two turbos...300 HP easily

toyota supra
golf GTI biturbo
mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4
nissan skyline R-34

all can achieve ungodly HORSEPOWER (torque is hard to get b/c it is still a turbo) with about 20,000 in investing

very expensive to buy and maintain, not made anymore in US
damn, that VR4 twin turbo just owned that porshe turbo
by vr4 11's March 21, 2006
This sexual move is done when someone fists a woman's asshole and vagina with, preferably, alternating thrusts. This should not be done by amateur as it is very brutal.
Husband "Have a drink, honey. We are gonna Twin Turbo your holes tonight!"

Wife "Oh god, ill grab the lube and vodka...."
by TranslucentAnalBeads February 2, 2015
The term twin turbo derives from amityville, new york. Twin turbo (verb) is the action of one(1) girl giving two(2) guys, in some cases best friends, a hand job at the same time. During a twin turbo under no circumstances can the two recievers make any sort of eye contact whatsoever. When the action is complete the giver usually feels ashamed of herself and must accept any and all sarcastic remarks from friends, family, and the twin turbees.
1:"yo pow i noticed theres a girl sitting in the middle of us, what do you think we should do?"
2:"well actually were in perfect position for a twin turbo!"
1:"youre so smart! just dont look into my eyes"
by this ish cray August 20, 2011
A word used to describe someone so obnoxious that calling them a 'twat' is reasonably complimentary.
by Richistheman August 2, 2009
* One who is fond of the taint

* A person whom uses both hands to tickle taints at a rapid speed

* Someone who unsuspectedly tickles taints

* Two fingered fast taint tickler

* Someone who tickles taints at the speed of sound, also known as The Tingly Watson and The French Tickler
I was sexually assaulted by the twin turbo taint tickler
by Ali Winehouse August 6, 2011
Coolest 90s sports car EVER! sleek,fast,and stunningly beautiful can be distinguished from lesser models by its meaner stance, 5-spoke alloy rims, and rear spoiler. the twin turbo 1JZ-GTE motor spitting out 276 horses makes it a threat to anything under $45000 and in black it just looks badass!
holy shit! did you see that! what was that thing! it must have been doing 140! easy

that my friend was a 1992 Toyota Supra 2.5GT Twin-Turbo
we'll never catch that in our riced out civic with a fart can,neons, and 8000lbs of various crap; none of which helps performance.

you got that right lets go get some ghetto ass spinner hubcaps from auto-zone.

ok, woo-hoo!
by pacesetter December 4, 2010