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CEN stands for ''Cyber Erotic Noseplay''. It's a kind of cyber (roleplay) sex peoples will nosaphilia will engage in.

See Nosaphilia on Wikipedia for more details about Nose Fetishism.
Person 1: Hey, that's a hot nose you got there.
Person 2: Heh, thanks
Person 1: Wanna have CEN?
by -Tiamat- July 27, 2007
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Something that can be said as an answer to everything, it can also replace a noun in a sentence. You can also turn around a few words from the last sentence said and add ''ur mom'' somewhere.

Note how when used, it will cause the person you're talking with to automaticaly have sexual thoughts about his mother.
Random: yeah it's a bit tight
You: ur mom is tight

Random: i'm eating buffalo wings, it's dirty as I type but I really like wings
You: ur mom like it dirty

Random: brb bathroom
Random (several minutes later): back, was a bit long, was out of wiping paper lmao
You: me too but ur mom wiped me

by -Tiamat- February 16, 2008
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A stupid word 12 years old enjoy calling each others in chat rooms or online games.

if you ever do any of these, prepare to be called emo:

-Wear anything black, even with only a little bit of black.
-Talk about anything that happened in your life.
-Have emotions.
-Listen to any kind of music (except rap or country, if you listen to this you are already a ''fag'')
-Do or say just about anything.

emo is the new lol.
You: Ok back, I wasn't feeling like cooking so I just called pizza.
_rand0m_1337: emo
by -Tiamat- March 24, 2007
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