to listen to what you want that you can pick up anywhere you would go that tells you what you want to hear
I like to listen to cd the player since it's all the stuff I really want to listen to.
by Mr. CD da Player July 09, 2010
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A devise that you place a compact disc in and enjoy music of all kinds
Steve : Hey Kiersten wanna come over to my place tonight listen to some compact discs and you know CUDDLE!
Kiersten : Wow you are so clueless why don't you get a life!
Steve : I just thought girls liked music and being held by a guy!
Kiersten: Well incase you didn't know I like good lookin guy's with big dicks and ipods!
Steve : Sure you don't want an ugly guy with a small penis and a CD player?
Kiersten : NO!
by SlopNChop May 02, 2017
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A mechanical device used to play music CDs. Recently, their numbers have been diminishing as the population of ipods and mp3 players grow. These digital music devices may be awesome, but CD players will always be a classic (but not a big of a classic as casset/tape players, because those are REALLY a classic when it comes to portable music devices). When used during school, teachers often take them up, even though there is scientific evidence that music aids in the learning process (i think).
Jennifer: Hey, do you have your CD player with you? I wanna listen to that Oasis CD.

Hannah: Naw, Mr. Williams took it up during 3rd period.

Jennifer: Man, that sucks.
by Diana Stephens May 20, 2005
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1. An electronic device used to play compact discs.
2. An endangered species of electronics that will soon be wiped out by the evil mp3 poachers.
3. The preferred musical player of real hardXkore kids, indie kids, and metalheads.
"The mp3 poachers are raping our CD land! They are putting out shitty, low-quality music to appeal to the iPod generation! Dedicated music fans are being gunned down in the streets by scene whores! They know not the joy of owning a CD. They know not the joy of having a respectably high-quality piece of music ringing through your ears. If an mp3 whore approaches you, do not fear! Hold your CD player high and deliver a coup de grâce to the mother fucker's head! Unleash thy 5-inch-compapct-disk-of-fury! YOU ARE THE LIZARD KING!"
by Shimmy Shim Shim Shoo June 29, 2006
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since they are no longer used thanks to those DAMNED mp3 players, let me give you a breakdown of the now extinct CD Player

before the iPods and Gigabeats existied there was an electronic device which required batteries and played CD's or Compact Discs(round shiny plastic objects that contained music tracks)called a CD player

they were quite big and werent very portable, so they werent purchased a whole lot. sadly, the CD player suffered a quick and silent death in 1999 once MP3 players started to become famous. compact discs are also on the verge of death thanks to napster and limewire
me: i just got a new sony Walkman CD player

you: d00d, CD players are sooooooooooo 1998
by tha truth teller August 13, 2006
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While harder to use, require more handling, and are more clunky, I prefer my CD Player. I bought an MP3 Player, and I enjoy CD's more. Then again, I buy albums and everything. Personally I enjoy hearing an album as an experience more than a singular song. So that's the real factor. If you like Albums, get a CD player, it comes with better sound quality. If you like hearing songs individually, buy an MP3 Player.
Mp3 User: Sweet, you got a new Mp3 Player?
Me: Nah, I'm listening to my Wu-Tang Album on my CD Player.
Mp3 User: Why not just get one of these? *Shows iPod*
Me: Even if I wanted to blow $200-300, I would still prefer buying albums.
by DarthHobo October 02, 2005
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