A child raping neo nazi looking gay ass frog fucking 43 chromosome holding racist pro-trump fat fuck head ass niggachino pizza roll looking NIGGGGGER!!!
Mr. Williams is a fucking child abusing gay ass hobo-looking mother fucker destined to go to hell where he will be molested by Monica Lewinsky
by A nibba-in-your-butthole January 06, 2020
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To run along a wall across a gap. This is a basic ninja move and is known by all ninjas.
I was playing prince of persia and I totally pulled of a Mrs. Williams
by YEGG October 27, 2008
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Mrs. Williams is the type of person who thinks that 0 is the end of the ruler.
Are you Mrs. Williams?
by CoolPoohBear April 27, 2021
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A Teacher who attends Shawnee mission south and is the biggest dick in the whole school.
He never gives enough time to let you finish your test and gives a shit ton of homework that will ruin your whole week.
He also uses a system called "discussion points" which means you actually have to pay attention or he will fail you.
Person 1: hey, do you want to go to the football game after school?
Person 2: nah I got a quiz in mr. Williams class tomorrow so I gotta study.
by Hambre December 12, 2017
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