1 definition by Shimmy Shim Shim Shoo

1. An electronic device used to play compact discs.
2. An endangered species of electronics that will soon be wiped out by the evil mp3 poachers.
3. The preferred musical player of real hardXkore kids, indie kids, and metalheads.
"The mp3 poachers are raping our CD land! They are putting out shitty, low-quality music to appeal to the iPod generation! Dedicated music fans are being gunned down in the streets by scene whores! They know not the joy of owning a CD. They know not the joy of having a respectably high-quality piece of music ringing through your ears. If an mp3 whore approaches you, do not fear! Hold your CD player high and deliver a coup de grâce to the mother fucker's head! Unleash thy 5-inch-compapct-disk-of-fury! YOU ARE THE LIZARD KING!"
by Shimmy Shim Shim Shoo June 29, 2006
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