A hartless bloodsucking skateboard company that eats small local shops in its all encompasing jaws. Even still ccs brand jeans are cheep and awsome.
Dude Ill never shop at my local shop again. I just bought a complete from CCS
by dolbert June 22, 2007
The worldest biggest skateboard company. It carries many brands and is nation wide
Dude, I just got that new zero board from CCS
by Adam Mateo January 19, 2005
Crab Cake Sandwhich (specifically the ccs at Tower Oaks happy hour at half price)
Hey Ryan, I'll have a Bass Ale and a CCS.
by MatMc May 11, 2008
stands for Crowd Control. used in MMOs when you stop mobs from attacking you. A type of ability, or character role meaning when attacking a group at least one mob is unable to attack
zulah will CC when we hit groups of mobs
by joe ben-avie December 19, 2005
"I'd rather not roleplay OCs with CCs."
by CJYankira February 15, 2018
Cock Carousel
All the dicks somebody rides before settling for someone
Every woman rides it, some men too.
"I will totally have a chance with Becky once she gets off the CC."
by Punchywunchy October 19, 2019
Common substitution of letters "ck" in Crip gang culture, due to "ck" being an acronym for Crip killer/killa or Crab killer, being its more extreme variation. For this reason, words that include the letters "ck" are either removed (deletion), avoided, or replaced by "cc". For example, the phrase "kick back" is written as "kicc bacc". There are instances of wandering tourists getting the stares or even being confronted by crip members for wearing Calvin Klein clothing line. This practice has found its way into the meme culture and popularised by memes such as "THICC".

CC letter substitution is now considered a mainstream practice. However, not many people know its exact origins.
CC, more than a symbol for a crip
by EmporioQ December 21, 2020