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Ship is the term meaning you can see two characters of a fandom as a couple. They are not meant to be taken seriously, yet some people think they are. It's all a matter of opinion, and sometimes can start shipping wars.
Usually ships are not canon. Once they become canon, they are no longer considered a "ship."
"As they all say, not all ships sail."
by CJYankira July 29, 2019
"I'd rather not roleplay OCs with CCs."
by CJYankira February 15, 2018
Part of the song "Stay Alive" from the Hamilton musical quoted by the character, Charles Lee. This quote has become a joke over the internet.
"I'm a general! WEEE!!" she yelled out, making her Hamilton reference of the day.
by CJYankira January 3, 2018
Viktor Nikiforov's nickname given to him by his boyfriend Yuuri Katsuki in the anime Yuri on Ice.
by CJYankira February 4, 2019
A symbol in the lore of Twenty One Pilots's new album Trench. It is a bit difficult to understand if you are not into the lore of their albums.
Basically a neon gravestone is a headstone made from lightbulbs at a ceremony by the nine bishops to celebrate one who has committed suicide while captive in the walls of Dema.

Much like the song Neon Gravestones it is a symbol of glorifying death.
"He had a neon gravestone made in honor of his suicide."
by CJYankira February 4, 2019
The ship between Hunk Garrett and Keith Kogane from the show Voltron: Legendary Defender.
"Klance is my favorite ship, but I also really love Heith."
by CJYankira February 4, 2019
The newest album by Twenty One Pilots.
The symbolic meaning of this album is insecurity. The "trench" symbolizes one of the lowest points in your life full of insecurity, pointlessness, and depression.
"Trench is so deep. I'm so emo that I can relate."
by CJYankira February 4, 2019