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Viktor Nikiforov's nickname given to him by his boyfriend Yuuri Katsuki in the anime Yuri on Ice.
by CJYankira February 04, 2019

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Part of the song "Stay Alive" from the Hamilton musical quoted by the character, Charles Lee. This quote has become a joke over the internet.
"I'm a general! WEEE!!" she yelled out, making her Hamilton reference of the day.
by CJYankira January 03, 2018

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A symbol in the lore of Twenty One Pilots's new album Trench. It is a bit difficult to understand if you are not into the lore of their albums.
Basically a neon gravestone is a headstone made from lightbulbs at a ceremony by the nine bishops to celebrate one who has committed suicide while captive in the walls of Dema.

Much like the song Neon Gravestones it is a symbol of glorifying death.
"He had a neon gravestone made in honor of his suicide."
by CJYankira February 04, 2019

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CC stands for "canon character"
"I'd rather not roleplay OCs with CCs."
by CJYankira February 15, 2018

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A genre of anime/manga with the age rating of no more or less than PG -
13. Shounen-ai is aimed towards younger audiences and focuses more on the main characters' relationship and bonding rather than the Sexual/physical side like yaoi
Shounen-ai means "Boy's love" and focuses usually on the life stories of two homosexual/Bisexual males.
I'd rather watch/read shounen-ai than yaoi
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by CJYankira July 27, 2016

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Ship is the term meaning you can see two characters of a fandom as a couple. They are not meant to be taken seriously, yet some people think they are. It's all a matter of opinion, and sometimes can start shipping wars.
Usually ships are not canon. Once they become canon, they are no longer considered a "ship."
"As they all say, not all ships sail."
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by CJYankira July 28, 2019

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"Klance is my favorite ship, but I also really love Heith."
by CJYankira February 04, 2019

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