'CC' or Double 'C'

Used by Crip Gang members to replace 'CK' in any word.
'CK' - Abbreviation for 'Crip Killer' a term used by rival gangs.

Crips may also add a silent 'K' after any 'B' to represent the expression 'BK' (Blood Killer), such as BKlood, or BKloCC
BloCC/BKloCC , RoCC, LoCC, CraCC, GloCC, AttaCC, RuCCus, KnuCCles, StuCC, Etc
by JGSR November 29, 2007
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Something odd people do which is replacing words with "ck" at the end with "cc"
"Thicc" is just "Thick" with "cc" replacing the "ck".
by ave_scientia October 31, 2018
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whenever you want to make words that look funny by adding cc at the end.
For example
Succ , licc , sicc , hacc, etc
by Not-underscore May 11, 2020
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(N.) The symbol for "Closed Captioned."
This Program is presented to you in CC.
by G-Union December 01, 2003
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Canadian Club whiskey, not to be confused with a hockey stick, another form of Canadian club.
I went and got a mickey of C.C. and drank it in one shot.
by Weens September 10, 2005
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