like, when you're taking a shit and after you wipe and flush your turd is dragged along the bottom of the bowl,leaving marks and sometimes primitive drawings.this is sometimes,but not always,discovered by the next user.also called extra credit.
ex.1"dude,you just left nasty ass cave painting all over my toilet!thats the last time you use my toilet,motherfucker."

ex.2"whoa,that was a bad turd.greasy but tight.*looks in the bowl*EWWW!!fuckin gross.
by the shit afficianado January 28, 2007
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a cave painting is when you are doing a girl doggy stle while she is on her period. And you pull out and draw something on her butt cheek with the blood.
I pulled out and drew a little buffalo on her ass.
by william carr April 29, 2005
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The beautiful designs and markings left on the inside of the toilet bowl after taking an extra-firm dump.
The firmness of the turd creates a "crayon effect".
Cave paintings will not wash away with flushing leaving but will deteriorate over time, leaving them for your friends and family to enjoy for days or weeks.
Wooo! That fudge dragon I pushed out of me left some cave paintings that looks like Charlie Sheen. Enjoy!
by Apecreature June 16, 2011
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When a man engages in sexual intercourse with a girl without any form of protection. The man fails to 'pull out' in time, therefore leaving the female with 'cave paintings' inside of her nether regions.
"We didn't have any condoms but we still done it anyway. I didn't pull out in time and she was left with some cave paintings."
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An act of love that involves inserting the hand in the anal or vaginal cavity and writing your name or a pictorial on the inside wall with your fingers.
She was soaking wet and screaming for more, when she asked me to do a cave painting in her punany. I happily obliged!

He wanted to remember me forever so I cave painted my initials in his ass.
by TedEye October 28, 2010
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After one shits, they than wait a day and come back to pile of skat. After skat has become semi-harden one than proceeds to draw the future or current events.
Steve: Mike why are we walking out here?

Mike: Well I took a huge shit, and as part of the Algonquin Cave Painting I need to wait a day so I can start my painting!

Steve: Oh well, I leave my first pile here than and we'll come back tomorrow than!
by ChocolateEmu September 11, 2010
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Used when a picture has been given as proof but you feel you need more proof or you just want to win an argument.
Guy: Dude you are so gay!
You: Bro no I am not.
Guy: Yes, you totally are.
You: No pic no proof!
*Guy presents picture of you having gay sex*
You: That wasn't me!
Guy: Yes it was!
You: No cave painting no proof!
Guy: Damn, I guess it wasn't you.
by Initial Definition May 25, 2015
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