Hollows are being that we’re once human, but turned. They can move 6.5 times faster than the normal human can, And can see farther than the normal human eye. They also are not able to be killed. Usually humans who turn into Hallows start turning at the age of five.

After that their blood cells start mixing and fusing creating something called Hollow Cells. These cells allow Hollows to mutate. D-class Hollows Aretha slowest of the Hollows, and are only able to produce what is called a Hollow scream. A hollow scream is when a Hollow’s scream sends pulses about 13 meters away from its body. If any living creature is in this 13 meter distance they are temporarily paralyzed.

C-class Hollows are slow, but are still faster than the D-class Hollow. They Can grow tentacle like tendrils from any part of there body. These tendrils can grow up to 2 or 4 feet in length. It should be noted depictions of their tendrils vary in size, shape, and flexibility.

B- class Hollows are faster than both D-class and C-class and have a type of motionsense in their minds that allows then to sense anything in a 20 meter radius behind them, in front of them, or above them.

Then there’s the last class, the rariest of the classes. A-class. A-class Hollows posses all D, C, and B abilities including being faster then them. They are so rare because they get hungry faster, and when they get hungry they start dying.
Stupid girl 1: omg did you hear about Stacy? She got attacked by A hollow

Stupid girl 2: omg really? What a slut

Stupid girl 1: yeah I don’t know why we’re so stupid but I think it’s because the person telling the readers about the word don’t want to use the word “hollow” in a sentence

Stupid girl 2: omg stupid girl 1! Your supposed to sound stupid, and not break the Forth wall!

Stupid girl 1: omfg stupid girl 2, now your the slut

Stupid girl 2: omfg, you pidge! That’s it, I’m blocking you on Instagram!
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A being with no purpose. A character from Dark Souls, which has lost its purpose in life and has lost its mind, meaning it will attack anything and anyone to collect their souls.

A mindless, purpose-less creature, without sanity nor reason for existance.
Did you hear about Dave? His wife died and now he has become hollow
by OneViolence March 24, 2015
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(African Gang Member) Nigga, keep talkin dat shit, I'll fill you wit dem hollows.
by Your Crack Dealer January 28, 2009
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A drink typically made with mystery liquor and capri sun that has been squeezed off a wet rag and into a glass.
My man! Pass me a frothy Hollowed if you would! Ah yes that hits the spot.
by PecanSandies January 15, 2019
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I found a note in a bottle that saided your head is hollow if you are reading this
by Xboxophobia December 31, 2011
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A freaky monster from the Bleach manga. A Hollow is a fallen spirit that is born from a regular spirit (plus) that has lingered in the living world after death too long. After awhile, a plus (especially a lonely and desperate one) degenerates into a Hollow. Hollows are huge, freakish monsters with strange masks that hide their identity. They seek out other spirits and humans in order to satisfy their loneliness by eating their souls.
That Hollow just came out of nowhere!
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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