Did you hear 2 members of the church got caught cathedraling one of the alter boys.
by I c e D March 16, 2022
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Sex role play where the women plays Quasimodo and the man plays his bells. Quasimodo pulls on the man’s balls like the cord of the bells and the man makes noise.
FrolloQuasi i heard your bells scream all night. I’m done with this Catholic Cathedral.”
by Csprings June 1, 2023
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Rich people school where little white kids try to be black. Known for their druggies, alcoholics, and the infamous "bridge kids" who honestly everyone fucking knows (your not that cool). They're also known for their "lit" parties, that are "lowkey" hype af, and using GAY ASS slang words that are "highkey" stupid. Cathedral is a wonderful place to send your kids. Your sons will turn into alcoholic entrepreneurs who will probably cheat on their wives, and your daughters ratchet trophy wives who will probably get pregnant at school..like literally in a stair well or elevator or something. Really the academics are spectacular, like being forced to take a Jesus class and the athletics are phenomenal! just look at this years 6A records.
Person 1: did you go to that lit cathedral Irish party
Person 2: yes it was lowkey a rave
Person 3: ya it was hype af
by fo chizzle December 6, 2016
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