The water that rich folk drink.
It cost me nearly five dollars for a six pack of Evian.
by Ripped Off :( March 20, 2007
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Evian's (female) is a French name and Evian's are always dominate and know what she wants she is beautiful and inspiring some may call her an angle and other might say she is just stright out sexy she is intelligent and has an amazing personality.
Have you seen the new girl Evian she is hot.
by Pretty girl 24 November 29, 2016
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French water product in the Alps. The brand is owned by Danone.
Evian is the world leader in terms of sales on the market of mineral water.
by Altoz January 23, 2005
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Gnar. A male, usually Canadian, who pretty much defines the word 'awesome'. A total bro. A man of many talents, including vectoring such people. Steals stray cats and names at least one 'Pineapple'. A nice guy that gets the girls going wee ooh wee ooh wee. He will own you at ROFLs and LOLs. A true Canadian/American.
Girl 1 -"What a badass."
by IAmTomHankss January 3, 2010
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Brand of water that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez don't want. If someone brings it to them they'll throw it and yell "NOT EVIAN!"
Here's your water Ms Lopez
by 1069 May 19, 2006
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A very pretty girl that has lots of friends but can have quite the attitude most friends turn on her although she tries very hard to keep them, she is also known as the sexy one in the group
A:"did u see how good evian looked today I wish I was her but despite the attitude"
B:"same here but she said if she was nice people would take advantage so she is mean but she said she was trying really hard to be nice"
A:" oh,mabey we could help her"
B:"yeah, let's do it..."
by Hfjdmeke March 14, 2017
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The absolute meaning of cool. When people see Evian, they want to be him.
" Is that Evian! Oh I wish I was him so bad!
by Blake Slocombe November 21, 2021
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