1. Almost, but not really
2. Strange, weird, or obscure.
Ill just have to sit here while he things of some other quasisexual things to do with me.
by Gotenski December 29, 2004
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When two people are in a relationship that they are extremely unsure about and won't admit anything to their friends about where their relationship is going.

Often times roommates will plan their night around hanging out with their "quasi" so that they won't jeopardize friendships including bromances.
Dave: "Yo Bro, what you up to this week man?"
Brian: "I'm hanging out with the quasi on Monday."
Dave: "Waaa, allright bro I guess that I will plan something with my quasi on Monday so that we can bro-out the rest of the week"
by Coriah April 3, 2009
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Me and Bryan got quasied before the concert.

Hey do you want to Quasi before school today?
by SunRaY615 June 8, 2010
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An exceptionally unattractive woman.

Taken from "Quasimodo" (a.k.a. The Hunchback of Notre Dame) the nickname of a very unattractive girl.
Person 1:"Holy balls! That girl over there is so ugly!"

Person 2: "Yeah, she's a real Quasi!"
by James Mace February 25, 2008
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Large creature, usually a man with near-unparralelled strength. Not smart, usually ill tempered, and always a problem when angered. Beastly and unkempt, with mindless attitude. Always Big and muscled.
The quasi was unstoppable, tearing through trees and men alike!
by Leaho January 2, 2005
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by larstait October 10, 2003
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That person over there is talking to a wall, that's quasi.
by NIpTErINk January 6, 2004
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