When you give it to a bitch like shes never had it before and it changes her whole outlook on life.
A: Miranda looks a lot better now, i hear she got a job and is moving out from her parents house

B: Yeah man, Scott sanctified her and she hasnt been the same since
by mct7 May 20, 2014
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to be made pure or to be made holy.
Sanctify yourself because you are a sinner and stop sinning.
by iowasian January 12, 2010
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A bitch who once had sex outside of marriage but now she has found faith and attends church regularly.
Bruh, I am tired of these treacherous womens on the street I think I'm gonna go to that apostolic church and find me one a them sanctified hoes'.
by Penus Maximus May 31, 2020
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the act of raising your hands and speaking bliberish in the name of a god
after you score a goal tomorrow you should sanctify
by superrealnotfakename March 21, 2017
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