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If they were ever real (Even if it was just one) every anime fan in the world would likely honour her as some sort of god or ruler of the planet in a matter of days after the existence was proven.
All world order would crumble and rise from the ashes within a matter of days with everyone following the one Catgirl (Probably more but who cares one would be enough to do this) to lead us all into a new era that would be like it is now but just much nicer knowing that your ruler of the world was a catgirl or catgirls
Anime fan: A Catgirl exists

Every Anime fan in existence: Hail to the new Catgirl ruler of us all!!!!!! *All politics of the world crumble in one beautiful moment*

Anime fan: Today was a good day for all anime fans *Does vulcan catgirl salute*
by Meta Tam When Hi Non June 09, 2009

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The hentai that truly sticks to your mind when you least expect it.

More wars have ended with presenting images of this kind to any army with most if not all commiting sucide in one go to just rid themselves of the images that twist and rip away at your very soul.
Hentai fan: Cat-girls are the best
Guro fan: If you enjoy that then you will enjoy this for certain
Hentai fan: The images have burnt themselve into my soul and mind and shall if ever never be forgotten.....I wish to be dead *Eyes glazed over*
Guro fan: And this is when she's......oh....oh that isn't really.....I wish to be dead *Dead*
Hentai fan: *Dead*
by Meta Tam When Hi Non June 09, 2009

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When you're screwed over (or boned) in the worse possible manner.
When the hull of an intergalactic vessel breaks and you're stuck in a vacuum of space because of it.

Zach Hammond: Be careful, the whole section leads into the vacuum of space......and the Necromorphs have completely taken over the ship!

Isaac Clarke: Oh shittery fuck fuck!
by Meta Tam When Hi Non July 27, 2010

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When shit happens but seems perfectly good when the theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm begins to play.

The Frolic Effect
Guy is shot (Theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm begins to play) and stumbles back.

The Frolic Effect people!
by Meta Tam When Hi Non October 10, 2009

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When something in reality scratches the surface of fantasy.

Can be shortened to RLW.
Full-size Gundam mecha resides in Japan somewhere. Is that enough to convince you of Real Life Win?
by Meta Tam When Hi Non March 27, 2010

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One quirky Yuri manga series that you automatically love from the start.

Currently three volumes are released in english, worth reading if you like swords or if you're drawn with it being classed as Yuri.
Trekkie: Chris Pine has a phaser, what does Hayate X Blade have?

Manga Fan: Swords

Trekkie: Don't be retarded. *Shoots Manga Fan with a phaser*

Manga Fan: How does this make sense?
by Meta Tam When Hi Non June 09, 2009

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Means for a person who portrays a utter lack in any true ninja like abilities connected to the ninja's and so can be closely discribed as a utter and almost failed example of a ninja.
Person: I have killed this racist without a problem with only my ninja abilities.

Ninja: But sadly in a ninjalike from only using a hammer.

Person: But it was Nick Griffin.

Ninja: Word up on that. *High Five*
by Meta Tam When Hi Non June 08, 2009

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