sex that wears trousers and a nice looking polo shirt to work and parties
usually i dont care about these things, but casual sex was way under dressed at the reception on friday.
by ma jones May 19, 2004
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Having sexual contact with another person with no plans on furthering a long term/committed relationship with that person.
I had casual sex with him/her because I needed sexual gratification and nothing more.
by hmm February 7, 2004
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Sex for the sake of sex.
Last night I had some casual sex. Quite frankly, she could work on her technique.
by Bungalow Bill November 27, 2002
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sex that involves two people who have no desire or intention of ever commiting to any type of exclusive relationship with each other

eliminates many stressful factors that may accompany a commited relationship such as: jealousy, mind games, verbal and/or physical abuse, marriage, accountability of daily actions/wherabouts, lack of quailty and/or frequency in sexual activity, boredom, and many more I'm sure.

He and I have casual sex. It is by-far the best sex I've ever had and can hardly wait for the next time we meet!

***Additional note: casual sex is not the same as promiscuous sex in that casual sex can be had with one person time after time while to fit the definition of promiscuous multiple partners are required
by Mo79 November 19, 2004
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when two people, who have absolutely no romantic feelings for each other, have sex just because they feel like it and want ass and then avoid the person when they see them the next day or act like nothing special happened
the kids at bronxville high school have casual sex because they are rich, immoral snobs who have a shitty football team
by anonymous November 19, 2003
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Just another term for "Unconditional Sex" A meaningless squelchey.
It Happens. this must be 20 letters, and three words ^-^ sex is fun.
by Poetaetoe Face February 9, 2005
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Something the 75% of women who lie about orgasm do with inexperienced, or otherwise lazy men, and have no intention of telling the stupid putzs. It is a "EGO boost" for the men, you know so the species doesn't die out.
"She had casual sex with him, because he could not dress it up enough to make it GOOD."
by shirre February 10, 2005
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